Sierpinski triangle

In another fractal demo, this Sierpinski Triangle generator follows an amazingly simple algorithm for generation. See the link for details.

Sierpinski triangle

Mandelbrot fractal

To learn more about the HTML5 canvas and JavaScript, I've made a fractal generator based on the Mandelbrot set. Have a play here.

Mandelbrot set

next level maths

In the summer of 2013 I founded; a project which has been ongoing ever since. Aimed at GCSE and A-level maths students/teachers, the site is a completely free collection of my self styled explanations, posters and examples. Also there are interactive applets which are designed to make topics not just more clear, but engaging.

Next Level Maths home image

shallow water equations

In the 3rd year of my university course, I wrote a project on shallow water equations. In it I look at various numerical methods for solving the equations, and their respective merits. Be warned: it's not exactly intended for a broad audience!
See it Here.
Shallow Water Equations Will Feavyour
Play: I've implemented an interactive animation of the shallow water equations on the homepage of this site!

slugging in pipelines

In my master's year, I extended what I'd learnt about shallow water equations for the problem of slugging in pipeline flows. Here's an output simulation generated from some of my MATLAB code, click here or the animation to view the full write up.
Slugging in pipeline flows simulation

community bus website

I am currently developing and maintaining a simple website for the Harborough Community Bus charity. It helps people in my local area who are in need of a charitable transport service due to age, sickness or disability.

Visit the site for more information.
Harborough Community Bus