Will Feavyour

I have a background in applied mathematics, now an experienced simulation and modelling engineer in Formula One. My focus is optimsing the setup of high-performance hybrid power units through simulation and data analytics to achieve the best laptime.

Primarily I write code in MATLAB, using OOP for app development and Simulink for discrete step modelling. I'm also confident writing code in VBA and JavaScript, with some experience in other languages.

I value high-quality code which is easily maintainable and extensible. I'm happy to develop on my own and as part of a team, either way using Git to support my workflow. I enjoy learning new technologies; amongst other things this has led to leading the deployment of custom applications into a containerised HPC environment and developing Azure DevOps build pipelines.

Will Feavyour

My studies focussed on fluid dynamics and numerical methods; including two dissertations on the Navier-Stokes and shallow water equations, specifically pipeline flows and wave breaking. I also run a website for maths revision and interactive tools. Links to all of these can be found on the projects page.

Please see my LinkedIn profile for my career information.